If you're in the UK mainly Croydon area and want to make content with me, message me on the chat feature and we can take it from there. I've had a few meets, see the photos and the new RED video.

I've been meeting quite a few girls recently, sadly none of them want to be filmed but have been happy to have a photo taken. Hopefully I'll find a girl who wants to make videos so I can add more videos with girls.

July 16th - I finally fitted the 8mm bcr in my PA. Photos to follow!
June 9th 2020. I've decided to take my prince albert back down to 5mm maybe 6mm. 7mm was too much. It was very irritating. The weight of the 7mm jewellery and the ball was too much. And it's impossible to find plastic or acrylic 7mm jewellery.
Nevermind. 8mm did seem like a bit too much anyway.
June 1st 2020. 7mm prince albert ring is definitely the most personally noticeable because the ring really flops around with the size of its inner diameter being 20mm and the weight of the 16mm ball.
I've got a purple acrylic 8mm bcr with an inner diameter of 16mm on the way. I feel that the girth and light weight of the 8mm will sit much more comfortably. I've got what looks like a comfier 7mm bcr with a 12mm inner diameter but it is quite uncomfortable to put in due to designs flaws.
Update 27th May. Just fitted a 7mm ring in my
Prince Albert piercing. Diameter is a bit large so I'll have this for a while till I stretch up to 8mm.
April 2022. Stretching my prince albert piercing to 8mm. So far at 6mm just fitted today.

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